African Natural Products Network

In the face of rapid population growth, loss of agricultural lands, and insufficient human capacity, RISE-AFNNET works to develop Africa’s rich biodiversity into a natural products industry of social and economic significance. Building on an already active research network of ten member countries called NAPRECA, RISE-AFNNET expands existing research programs and formalizes educational activities in such natural products fields as engineering, biochemistry, environmental science, pharmacology, economic development and nutrition. Students work on natural products research projects in the context of poverty alleviation, gender equity, and Millennium Development Goals.

Updates on Recent Network Activities

RISE-AFNNET's Patrick Ogwang received his PhD from Makerere University on January 28, 2014.
Patrick has recently been appointed Senior Lecturer in Pharmacy in the Faculty of Medicine at Mbarara University of Science & Technology in Uganda.
His PhD thesis is posted online at: www.lib-ebook.com/book-philosophy/
Patrick continues to meet with international visitors interested in his research on the usage of Artemisia annua tea to prevent malaria in communities and households.  Last month he met with journalists from Austria, Katharina and Salisu, who wanted to learn more about his work.  They are preparing to make a film about malaria based on a book called The Fever by Sonia Shah.
Congratulations, Patrick!  RISE is proud of your many accomplishments.
Read more about Patrick's research here and here!
Academic Director and Secretariat
Prof. John David Kabasa
Head of RISE-AFNNET Secretariat
Prof. Stevens Kisaka
Prof. Robinson Mdegela
Department of Veterinary Medicine
Sokoine University of Agriculture, Tanzania