AMMSI Becomes RISE Affiliate Network

SIG is pleased to announce that the African Mathematics Millennium Science Initiative (AMMSI) has been designated a RISE Affiliate Network.
Established in 2004 by the Science Initiative Group in partnership with TWAS and the African Academy of Sciences, AMMSI is a distributed network of mathematics research, training and promotion throughout Africa, with six regional offices from Rabat in the north to Gaborone in the south. The AMMSI Program Director is Professor Wandera Ogana of the University of Nairobi.
Bringing AMMSI under the RISE umbrella will provide increased opportunities for collaboration, particularly between AMMSI researchers and RISE students and graduates whose work has a quantitative component. This affiliation will strengthen RISE by adding a discipline that underpins much of the work taking place within the five core networks and by substantially broadening its geographic reach. Above all, the RISE-AMMSI affiliation will facilitate networking among the next generation of African scientists and mathematicians as science becomes ever more collaborative and interdisciplinary.
July 2014