New Vision: Millennium Science Initiative Project Monitoring and Evaluation Survey 2009

The government of Uganda in the year 2007 received funding support from the World Bank for implementation of the Uganda Millennium Science Initiative (MSI) Project.

The project is being implemented by the Uganda National Council for Science and Technology (UNCST), which is the national institution responsible for development and promotion of S&T policies and strategies and their integration in national development processes.

The UNCST will therefore, in October 2009, conduct the Millennium Science Initiative Project Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Surveys 2009, focusing on: ‘Researchers in Science, Technology and Engineering Institutions’, ‘Secondary School Students’ Attitudes towards Science and Technology’, and ‘Client Attitudes towards UNCST and UIRI Service Delivery in MSI project execution’. The M&E data will guide implementation of the activities associated with these outcomes and provide benchmarks for the measurement of progression of their execution and their overall impact. Article here.