Scientific and Technological Challenges Facing Africa in the Era of Globalization

This paper argues that the acquisition of science and technology is a critical determinant of the development status of countries. Those countries that have excelled in science and technology are the most developed, while those with a weak scientific and technological base are the least developed. It is imperative that a series of concerted actions be adopted and sustained to permanently institute a scientific and technological culture in Africa. This may involve developing a coherent science policy, stepping up funding for scientific education and research, setting up viable networks for scientific information exchange and mutual support, integrating science into development strategies and more. Above all, African decision makers must give science and technology the highest priority in their strategies since development is not possible without scientific know-how. It is only through the judicious use of science and technology that African countries can cope with the stiff competition brought about by the globalization process which is rapidly integrating the national economies and cultures into a continuum where only the fittest are likely to survive. Article here.

January 2001