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April 2006

A Chilean initiative aimed at boosting the nation's research output has substantially increased scientific publications and trained more than 300 young researchers in its first four years. These are the main findings of a progress assessment for Chile's Millennium Science Initiative (MSI), released on 19 April. The MSI is a collaboration between Chile and the World Bank.

March 2006

The Global Science Corps (GSC) initiative, as conceived by Harold Varmus, would enable scientists from developed countries to work for extended periods in scientific institutions in developing countries. Several universities in the United States – including Princeton and Tufts – have agreed to allow their professors to take sabbaticals to participate in the program.

February 2006

A two-day workshop was held at the Hilton Hotel, Nairobi, from January 16-17 to discuss the concept of the Global Science Corps (GSC), a new initiative intended to boost the quality of scientific research and training in Africa, and how it should be implemented. The GSC concept is the brainchild of Dr. Harold Varmus, a University of California professor and co-recipient of the 1989 Nobel Prize for Medicine or Physiology.

November 2005

A seminar on "Promoting the Effectiveness and Linkage Between Research and Education through the Millennium Science Initiative" was held on November 15, 2005 in Hanoi. The seminar was a featured event at the Vietnam–U.S. Science and Technology Days, held in celebration of the tenth anniversary of normalization of relations and the fifth anniversary of S&T cooperation between the two countries. Speakers included Tran Ngoc Ca of NISTPASS, Le Thanh Binh of MOST, Claudio Bunster of Centro de Estudios Científicos, Chile (an MSI Institute), and Arlen Hastings of SIG. Dr.

September 2005

The Commission on Program Selection and Administration for the Millennium Science Institutes met in Brasilia at the National Council on Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq) in July and September 2005 to approve the latest round of MSI institutes in Brazil. This followed the evaluation and selection of submissions received in response to the Request for Proposals of January 2005.