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Building capacity in the basic sciences is critical to the future success of Africa, says Phillip Griffiths, TWAS Associate Fellow 2000. Article here.

Following an evaluation process, including review by an international Program Committee, the Board of Directors of the Chile MSI has selected a new MSI Institute.  The Institute of Ecology and Biodiversity (IEB), led by Principal Investigator Dr. Mary Kalin, had previously been an MSI Nucleus.

Engineers, oceanographers and chemists in eight African countries will benefit from three grants of US $800,000 each from a new science and education initiative. Amongst the recipients is the Southern Africa Biochemistry and Informatics for Natural Products initiative, headed by John Saka, a chemistry professor at the University of Malawi.

A 2009 paper by a team of researchers, including three from an MSI Nucleus, the Montessus de Ballore International Earthquake Research Center, has been cited in the Chilean press in the wake of the magnitude 8.8 earthquake in C

In January 2005, the Program Committee met to review proposals for MSI Nuclei in Chile.  Eight MSI nuclei were approved by the Board of Directors of the Chile MSI.  These represent renewal of 5 existing Nuclei and 3 new Nuclei.