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A new initiative to build scientific capacity in Africa has named its first three research and training networks following a competitive selection process. "The establishment of regional scientific research centers is in direct response to demands within Africa for more and better university-based instructors," said Vartan Gregorian, president of Carnegie Corporation.

A year ago, the Science Initiative Group reported on the establishment of the Regional Initiative in Science and Education (RISE), which provides Ph.D. and M.S. training in science and engineering at networks of universities in sub-Saharan Africa. Read SIG annual report here.

A team of SIG board and staff members visited Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi at the invitation of the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Vietnam Education Foundation to help develop recommendations for the implementation of MSI centers of excellence.

The Southern African Biochemistry and Informatics for Natural Products network aims to train both PhD and MSc scientists from 2009 onwards, through research in the biochemistry and chemistry of natural products, including bioinformatics as an essential tool for data management and the elucidation of structure and function. Research will focus on increasing the understanding of useful plants or fungi (such as mushrooms and tea crops) through the study of screening assays, biosynthetic pathways, gene expression, modes of action, synthetic production, and genetic diversity.

Collaborations and exchange programs have been identified as measures that can improve research works and tackle human capital challenges in African universities.