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November 2012

The Science Initiative Group (SIG) has been dedicated to fostering science in developing countries since its founding as an IAS outreach program in 1999. For the past five years, its main project has been the Regional Initiative in Science and Education, known as RISE. With funding from Carnegie Corporation of NewYork, RISE supports five university-based research and training networks in science and engineering in sub-Saharan Africa. The initiative is designed to address Africa’s urgent need for qualified research and teaching staff in subjects relevant to the continent’s development.

November 2012

The Regional Initiative in Science and Education, or RISE, a programme aimed at boosting higher education in Africa in the sciences and engineering through postgraduate training, is likely to continue as the major donor has indicated the possibility of renewing its support that ends next year...

February 2012

A project that funds African academics whose careers are "stuck" because they lack the time or money for postgraduate study is asking the World Bank to help it grow tenfold.

The Regional Initiative in Science and Education (Rise) seeks to address the chronic lack of qualified lecturers in sub-Saharan universities. Staff running the project said that almost all the graduate students in the region had to be supported by external organisations because of the lack of funding from national governments.

January 2012

At the Indian Science Congress last week, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh surprised his audience with a promise to more than double central government R&D spending from $3 billion in 2011 to $8 billion by 2017. If the windfall appears in India's next 5-year plan, expected to be released in March or April, credit Singh's science advisory council. In a report to Singh last month, the panel, chaired by eminent chemist [and SIG board member] C. N. R. Rao, warned that Indian laboratories are rife with mediocrity and its universities are in decay.

December 2011

Economies across Africa have continued to expand this year, attracting increased interest from investors, along with prospects for jobs for the large numbers of unemployed young graduates. Programs that encourage entrepreneurship are proliferating.