Regional Initiative in Science and Education (RISE)

About RISE

The Regional Initiative in Science and Education (RISE) prepares PhD- and MSc-level scientists and engineers in sub-Saharan Africa through competitively selected, university-based research and teaching networks.

RISE's primary purpose is to strengthen science research and education in sub-Saharan Africa by increasing the population of qualified academic staff in the region’s universities. Its broader goal is to build capacity in science, technology and innovation to stimulate economic development in sub-Saharan Africa.

In a 2008 competition that attracted 48 proposals from 29 African countries, 5 networks were selected by an international panel of distinguished scientists.

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RISE has been supported since its establishment by generous grants from Carnegie Corporation of New York. Each of the five current networks has also attracted supplementary program funding and individual research grants from a variety of sources.

As of 2016, SIG is preparing to transfer responsibility for RISE to a permanent secretariat in Africa.