Inaugural Meeting 2008

RISE Inaugural Meeting - Nairobi, Kenya (October 6-7, 2008)

Back, left to right: W. Soboyejo, G. Rading, D. Davies, R. Goode, R. Mdegela, I. Naigaga, C. Howell, Y. Yemshaw, M. Kigozi, K. Gitahi, D. Mazvimavi, F. Kavishe, I. Kone, D. Hughes, A. Dubi, J. Morris, A. Hoguane, C. Gitta, C. Ziba, L. Kachuwai, P. Jeconiah
Front, left to right: J. Olang, L. Cornish, T. Capecci, A. Sabour, L. Piranian, A. Hastings, T. Egwang, N. Ghezae, P. Griffiths, J. Kabasa, R. Kisakye, J. Saka

The goal of the meeting was to set the stage for a productive, sustainable initiative. RISE network leaders met one another and were introduced to contacts, resources and potential partners. Government and private sector representatives shared their perspectives on developing curricula and programs relevant to the region’s economic growth. Mechanisms for management, reporting and communications were discussed.

Inaugural RISE Meeting Participant List


Welcome Remarks: Africa and Globalization
Thomas Egwang

RISE: Opportunity and Responsibility
Phillip Griffiths

AMSEN: African Materials Science and Engineering Network
Lesley Cornish

RISE-AFNNET: African Natural Products Network
John David Kabasa

SABINA: Southern African Biochemistry and Informatics
John D. Saka

Southern Africa Water Resources Network
Denis Hughes

WIO-RISE: Western Indian Ocean Regional Initiative
Alfonse Dubi

Global and National Entrepreneurship; Enterprise Development
Thomas Egwang

Public-Private Partnership: Science and Technology for Development in Uganda (East Africa Perspective)
Maggie Kigozi

Scientists, Engineers, Techno-Entrepreneurs? Some Perspectives on Business-Academic Partnerships
Richard Goode

Africa-U.S. Higher Education Initiative, powerpoint
Anne-Claire Hervy

PRISM: Princeton Institute for the Science and Technology of Materials
Wole Soboyejo

New University Partnerships
Diana Davies, Princeton University

International University Consortia: Windsor Group, Universitas 21
Overview, Consortia/Africa projects, Trans-University Health Project
Cameron Howell, University of Virginia

ST-EAP: Science and Technology Europe/Africa Programme
Jacqueline Olang

IFS: International Foundation for Science Grants Program
Nighisty Ghezae

TWAS: The Academy of Sciences for the Developing World
Jacqueline Olang