Regional Initiative in Science and Education (RISE)

Second Annual Meeting 2009

Second Annual RISE Meeting - Nairobi, Kenya (September 28-29, 2009)

Back, left to right: J. Borode, K. Gitahi, M. Mendi, A. Dubi, V. Odhiambo, R. Kisakye, N. Egiebor, B. Mwamila, P. Jeconiah, W. Masamba, J. Kabasa, S. Lyantagaye, S. Okello, M. Griffiths, G. Rading, M. Kandawa-Schulz, E. Ongeso, R. Mdegela, L. Piranian, D. Hughes, F. Kavishe, F. Ngonda
Front, left to right: J. Saka, T. Capecci, L. Cornish, A. Djikeng, A. Hastings, M. Ocaido, P. Griffiths, A. Johnson, J. Morris, L. Kachuwai, T. Egwang, J. Olang

RISE leaders met in Nairobi to reflect on the first year of the program and discuss objectives going forward and strategies for achieving them. Network leaders presented updates on their activities, highlighted their groups’ accomplishments, shared best practices, and discussed challenges they had overcome or were working to resolve. The African Academy of Sciences summarized and provided feedback on the networks’ first-year progress reports. A number of complementary initiatives were presented and discussed.

Meeting Participant List

Network Presentations
African Natural Products Network (AFNNET)
Robinson Mdegela

African Materials Science and Engineering Network (AMSEN)
Lesley Cornish

Southern African Biochemistry and Informatics of Natural Products (SABINA)
John Saka

Sub-Saharan Africa Water Resources Network (SSAWRN)
Denis Hughes

Western Indian Ocean Regional Initiative (WIO-RISE)
Alfonse Dubi

Other Presentations
African Renaissance Institute of Science and Technology: ARIST
Nosa Egiebor

African Institute of Science and Technology - Arusha
Burton Mwamila

Global Science Corps Pilot
Appolinaire Djikeng