PhD Graduate Presentations

Development of Mullite-Zircon-Zirconia Refractory Ceramic-Based Composites from Some Selected Clays in Southwest Nigeria
Development of Samburu Clerodendrum myricoides for the Management of Sexually-Transmitted Diseases
STEM for Revolution of Indigenous Knowledge and Technology (IKT) for Livelihood Transformation in Tanzania
Ecotoxicology and Environmental Health Research at the Institute for Water Research, Rhodes University, South Africa
Access to Resources and Household Vulnerability to Malaria in the Okavango Delta, Botswana
Building Resilient Small Holder Rural Livelihoods: The Role of Natural Products
Bioprospecting for Antimalarials from Medicinal Plants
Assessing the Effectiveness of Mangrove Restoration to Mediate Flooding on the Quelimane Site, USAID-CCAP
Developing Simulation Tools for Research in Alloy Deformation and Degradation
An Ecosystem-Based Approach to Sustainable Management of Water Resources: Implications for Policy and Practice
Effect of Artemisia annua L. Preparation on CD4 Cell Count of HIV Patients in Uganda
Evaluation of the Effect of Mercerization of White Chicken Feather Fibres on the Mechanical Properties of High-Density Polyethylene-Based Composites
Research on Tanzanian Medicinal Plants Currently Used by Traditional Healers for the Treatment of HIV and Other Diseases
Hydrodynamic Modeling on Transport, Dispersion, and Deposition of Suspended Particulate Matter in Pangani Estuary
Responses of Macroinvertebrates in Urban Wastewater-Dominated Riverine Systems of an Arid Region
The Importance of Surface Water and Groundwater Interactions in Africa