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African Natural Products Network

In the face of rapid population growth, loss of agricultural lands, and insufficient human capacity, RISE-AFNNET works to develop Africa’s rich biodiversity into a natural products industry of social and economic significance. Building on an already active research network of 10 member countries called NAPRECA, RISE-AFNNET expands existing research programs and formalizes educational activities in such natural products fields as engineering, biochemistry, environmental science, pharmacology, and nutrition.

Lecturer & PhD Student Joelia Nasaka Initiates Collaboration Between Makerere University (COVAB) and Princeton University's Mpala Research Center
Ms. Nasaka with SIG Chairman Prof. Phillip Griffiths at the Institute for Advanced Study
During her visit to the U.S. (as a visiting researcher at Mississippi State University, read more about it in her exciting blog post here), RISE-AFNNET PhD student Joelia Nasaka connected with Prof. Dan Rubenstein at Princeton University, with whom she has been discussing a partnership between her home university, Makerere (specifically, the Department of Wildlife and Animal Resources Management at COVAB), and Princeton's Mpala Research Center in Laikipia District, Kenya. Through this partnership, the two hope to bring Ugandan researchers to the Centre to increase academic networking and collaboration throughout the region. Ms. Nasaka will visit the Centre on July 22-26, 2015.
A RISE luncheon in Kampala, Uganda, with several Makerere University RISE-AFNNET students in attendance. L to R: SIG Program Associate Sarah Rich, PhD student Dorothy Nampanzira, PhD student Lydia Bunalema, recent PhD graduate Jane Namukobe, MSc graduate & current PhD student Alice Nabatanzi, PhD student Christine Kyarimpa, (SSAWRN) PhD student Celsus Sente, PhD student Joelia Nasaka, and (SSAWRN) PhD student Andrew Tamale.
University of Nairobi RISE-AFNNET PhD student Dr. Ochwang'i Dominic was a visiting research scholar in the Department of Pharmaceutical Biology at the Institute of Pharmacy and Biochemistry, Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz, Germany from February 8 to June 28, 2015. He is pictured below working in the cell culture room (laminar flow hood) preparing samples for a Resazurin assay (cytotoxicity studies of medicinal plants on cancer cell lines). He worked on part of his PhD thesis with a renowned cancer researcher, Prof. Dr. Thomas Efferth. His visit there was supported by RISE-AFNNET and Prof. Efferth's laboratory. Blog post coming soon on!
RISE-AFNNET alumni attended the 4th International Scientific Meeting on Sustainable Livelihoods and Health in Africa, held in Kampala, Uganda. This year's theme was "Sparking Innovations for Sustainable Livelihoods and Health Security in Africa." Dr. Patrick Ogwang presented a paper entitled "Biodiversity for Disease Prevention and Ecosystem Health: The Case of Malaria and the Mosquitoes." Dr. Jane Namukobe presented “Bioprospecting for Antimalarials from Traditional Plants used for Medicinal Purposes by Local Communities around the Northern Sector of Kibale National Park, Uganda.”