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Paul Kojo Mensah

RISE Degree 

PhD in Water Resource Science from the Institute for Water Research, Rhodes University, South Africa in April 2013.

RISE Network(s) 
Current Position 

Researcher, Unilever Centre for Environmental Water Quality, Institute for Water Research (IWR), Rhodes University

He is working on an IWR-led project to develop a co-operative integrated water quality management process (IWQMP) for the Crocodile River Catchment. He is also currently co-supervising, along with Prof. Palmer, a new RISE PhD student who just began his research at Rhodes, Emmanuel Vellemu.

Dr. Mensah was a Spring 2015 Duke University Africa Initiative Visiting Scholar.


Broad interestsecotoxicology; environmental water quality; environmental health; freshwater ecology; integrated water resources management.

Specific project areas: assessment of environmental pollutants such as pesticides, metals and EDCs on freshwater ecosystems using histopathology, acetylcholinesterase activity and lipid peroxidation in aquatic animals as biomarkers; salts ecotoxicology and freshwater salinisation; ecotoxicological studies of acid mine drainage; development of aquatic ecosystems water quality guidelines and resource quality objectives; resource classification for effective management of freshwater resources; development of ecologically-oriented methods for monitoring surface water quality and wastewater effluents; biomonitoring and ecological assessments of aquatic ecosystems; environmental and water science education.

Read more about his PhD research here.


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Completed Degree 
April 2013