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Tinotenda Shoko

RISE Degree 

MSc in Applied Chemistry from the University of Malawi, Chancellor College, June 2012

PhD in Chemistry from the University of Pretoria

RISE Network(s) 
Current Position 

Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Consumer and Food Science, University of Pretoria 


MSc: A study of volatile flavour constituents of edible fruit pulps of Parinari curatellifolia, Strychnos cocculoides and leaves of Fadogia anclantha, Manihot esculenta and Colocasia esculenta growing in Malawi

PhD: Characterisation and development of new anti-aging ingredients from selected South African plants


Shoko T, Saka JDK, Apostolides Z. 2014. Headspace volatiles of the edible fruit pulp of Parinari curatellifolia growing in Malawi using solid phase microextraction. South African J. Bot. 90:128–30

Shoko T, Apostolides Z, Monjerezi M, Saka JDK. 2013. Volatile constituents of fruit pulp of Strychnos cocculoides (Baker) growing in Malawi using solid phase microextraction. South African J. Bot. 84:11–12

Completed Degree 
September 2018