Western Indian Ocean Regional Initiative

WIO-RISE provides research and training in skills associated with the utilization of coastal and marine resources and the protection of the coastal and marine environment. The network avails itself of the substantial experience of IMS/UDSM, which has roots in the former East African Marine Fisheries Research Organization and the affiliated Western Indian Ocean Marine Science Association based in Zanzibar. The School of Marine and Coastal Studies at Eduardo Mondlane University is strategically located near the Sofala Bank, a major fishery and aquaculture resource, and the University of Cape Town has the only department in southern Africa offering graduate training in physical oceanography, climate science, and atmospheric science.

A few of the WIO-RISE nodes are developing a joint proposal with a British university for DFID funding to support African PhD and MSc students from 2016-2020. The proposal, if successful, will produce 3 PhDs (one from each of the African nodes) and 6 MScs (two each) and will build capacity in conducting and utilizing marine renewable energy (tidal) in the WIO region countries.

The WIO-RISE Administrator, Dr. Margareth Kyewalyanga, is a board member of WIOMSA, being the treasurer of the association. The 32nd board meeting (photo above) took place in South Africa and was hosted by the CSIR from 6-7 March 2015. The board discussed various issues including the capacity building and sustainability of the association, among others.