Western Indian Ocean Regional Initiative

WIO-RISE provides research and training in skills associated with the utilization of coastal and marine resources and the protection of the coastal and marine environment. The network avails itself of the substantial experience of IMS/UDSM, which has roots in the former East African Marine Fisheries Research Organization and the affiliated Western Indian Ocean Marine Science Association based in Zanzibar. The School of Marine and Coastal Studies at Eduardo Mondlane University is strategically located near the Sofala Bank, a major fishery and aquaculture resource, and the University of Cape Town houses the only department in southern Africa offering graduate training in physical oceanography, climate science, and atmospheric science.

L to R: Dr. Grace Mutia, Eulália Mugabe, WIO-RISE Administrator Dr. Margareth Kyewalyanga

The Western Indian Ocean Marine Science Association (WIOMSA) held its 9th Scientific Symposium in Port Edward, South Africa from October 26–31, 2015. This year, about 500 participants from around 20 countries attended. The Symposium was preceded by some training courses for postgraduate students. In total, IMS co-sponsored a total of 20 graduates/students as well as 13 faculty and staff, a mixture of WIO-RISE affiliates and non-RISE scientists.

Staff and students from WIO-RISE nodes were among the participants. The WIO-RISE Academic Director and Administrator also attended. 5 WIO-RISE students and graduates presented their results, either orally or via a poster:

Dr. Majuto Manyilizu (PhD graduate), gave a talk entitled “Impacts of the upper-ocean dynamics on ocean properties in the tropical western Indian Ocean: A model approach on annual cycle.”

Dr. Grace Mutia (PhD graduate), gave a talk entitled “Variations in Nutritional Composition of Seaweeds Ulva rigida, C. Agardh and Ulva reticulate, Forsskal and their Potential for use in Aquaculture, South Coast of Kenya.”

Ms. Eulália Mugabe (PhD student, pictured above), had a poster entitled “The reproductive biology of Eumarcia paupercula from Maputo Bay.”

Mr. Edward Moto (PhD student, pictured above), had a poster entitled “Distribution and abundance of phytoplankton along Zanzibar coastal waters.”

Mr. Jean J.M. Ravina (MSc graduate), had a poster entitled “Evaluation of three normally occurring seaweed species under two seaweed cultivation methods in Rodrigues Island, Republic of Mauritius.”

The workshop was a nice environment for WIO-RISE students and graduates and senior scientists to network.