2007 RISE Planning Workshop

SIG and the African Academy of Sciences convened a two-day workshop in Nairobi, Kenya in June 2007 to plan RISE. Sponsored by Carnegie Corporation of New York, the workshop brought together scientists, educators, administrators, government officials, and development experts from Africa and abroad to co-design the initiative.

The planning meeting and extensive consultations that followed led to the drafting of a Request for Proposals, which was distributed widely to universities in sub-Saharan Africa in December 2007.

Planning Meeting
RISE Workshop, Nairobi, Kenya, June 4-5, 2007
Back (L to R): J. Boright, I. Kone, S. Akatch, A. H. Maiga, W. Ogana, N. Torto, Y. Yemshaw, K.A. Ako-Nai, B. Mwamila, M. Hughes, S. Agong
Middle (L to R): M. Ehst, J. Olang, A. Anderson, M. Hassan, S. Abbott, P. Griffiths, A. Yayé, A. Watkins, T. Isoun, B. Abegaz
Front (L to R): A. Hastings, S. Hastings, T. Givens, F. Gudyanga, J.P.R. Ochieng'-Odero, P. Mugambi, S. Arungu-Olende, J. Ssebuwufu, O. Adewoye

Intra-African Cooperation in Chemical Sciences: The Experiences of NABSA and Some Lessons
Berhanu Abegaz

The African Science Academy Development Initiative
John Boright

The RISE Concept
Phillip Griffiths

Rwandan Government Perspectives on Science and Technology for Development
Mike Hughes

Building Scientific Capacity and Expanding Research Opportunities through Regional Linkages in Africa: The Federal Government of Nigeria's Perspective
Turner Isoun

The African Forest Research Network (AFORNET) (related PDF)
Iba Kone

2iE: International Institute for Water and Environmental Engineering
Amadou Hama Maiga

The Role of Science Academies in Promoting Science Education Programmes in Africa
Paul Mugambi

The Role of Private Sector in Building Capacity – Cisco Networking Academy Program
Hital Muraj

Overview and Analysis of African Regional Networks: Summary of a Report for the Partnership for Higher Education in Africa
Katherine Namuddu

African Mathematics Millennium Science Initiative (AMMSI)
Wandera Ogana

The World Bank and Regional Initiatives
Sonia Plaza

Role of Universities in Regional Training and Research
John Ssebuwufu

World Bank Observations on Building STI Capacity for Development
Al Watkins

Speech - Opening Remarks
Noah Wekesa of the Kenyan Ministry of Science and Technology, read by Samuel Oreta

The Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa (FARA) and its Regional Capacity Strengthening Initiative
Aissétou Yayé