2012 RISE Meeting

RISE and Partners: Transforming Science and Education in Africa

White Sands Hotel
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
October 12-13, 2012

Friday, October 12

11.00‐11.45 Opening Session

  • Welcome by Maggie Kyewalyanga & Quintino Mgani
  • Introduction of Minister by Gamba Nkwengulila, UDSM Principal of College of Natural and Applied Sciences
  • Formal Opening by Philipo Mulugo, Tanzanian Deputy Minister of Education and Vocational Training
  • Background on RISE by Phillip Griffiths

11.45‐12.30 Network Presentations (moderator: George Rading)

12.30‐14:00 Lunch

14.00‐15.00 Network Presentations (moderator: Robinson Mdegela)

15.00‐15.15 Break

15.15‐15.30 Partnerships Within and Beyond RISE: Introduction (Arlen Hastings)

15.30‐16.30 Partnerships in Materials Science

16.30‐16.45 Break

16.45‐18.00 Partnerships in Water Resources

  • Rhodes University (Denis Hughes on behalf of Saleem Badat)
  • 2iE (Amadou Hama Maiga)
  • AIST-Arusha (Alfonse Dubi on behalf of Burton Mwamila)
  • Discussion moderated by Robinson Mdegela of RISE-AFNNET

Saturday, October 13

8.30‐9.45 AFNNET: Student Presentations

  • Overview of AFNNET research at Sokoine University of Agriculture by Robinson Mdegela
  • Gaymary Bakari, “Effect of resin extract from Commiphora swynnertonii (Burrt) on chickens experimentally infected with mixed Coccidia species”
  • Faith Mabiki, “The ethno medical potentials of Synadenium glaucesence (Pax) from Tanzania” [paper presented by Prof. Robinson Mdegela]
  • Shaaban Mshamu, “Potential of Commiphora swynnrtonii in replacing antimicrobial growth promoters in poultry production”
  • Mourice Mbunde, “Effect of geographical location on antioxidant property of Tamarindus indica in selected regions of Tanzania"
  • Festo Mtanga, “Effect of Commiphora swynnertonii on microbial contamination in aquaculture ponds in Morogoro, Tanzania."
  • Mabula Masunga Migata, “Assessment and characterization of food types consumed by Hadzabe hunter‐gatherer nomads in Northern Tanzania”
  • Sikitu Simon, “Assessment of nutritive value of Commiphora swynnertonii (Burrt) and its effects on cholesterol levels in Rattus rattus”
  • Jangson Ngabo, “Identification and authentication of Synadenium glaucescens by DNA profiling”

9.45‐10.00 TWAS Presentation by Peter McGrath

10.00‐10.15 Break

10.15‐11.30 SABINA: Student, Faculty & Virtual Research Environment (VRE) Presentations

11.30‐11.45 Break

11.45‐13.00 WIO‐RISE Student Presentations

  • Grace Mutia, “Distribution and nutritional constitution of selected seaweeds utilized as marine fishing bait with potential for utilization in aquaculture along the Kenyan coast”
  • Christopher Robert, “Antimycobacterial, antioxidant and other secondary metabolites from Heritiera littoralis and Sonneratia alba"
  • Siajali Pamba, “Transport and dispersion pattern of suspended particulate matter in estuaries of Tanzania: A case study of Pangani estuary”
  • Nyamisi Peter, “Seasonal and spatial variability of phytoplankton distribution and abundance in Zanzibar channels”
  • Francis Mwonjoria, “Aspects of biology, ecology and fishery of the big fin squid Sepioteuthis lessoniana (Lesson 183) in Kenya”

13.00‐13.15 Closing Remarks