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Oghenekaro Nelson Odume

RISE Degree(s) 

MSc with Distinction & PhD in Water Resource Science from the Institute for Water Research (IWR), Rhodes University

RISE Network(s) 

Director and Senior Researcher, Unilever Centre for Environmental Water Quality (UCEWQ), Institute for Water Research (IWR), Rhodes University, South Africa

Water quality and pollution studies/management
Aquatic ecosystems ecology and resilience
Aquatic ecosystem services/ecological infrastructure and social-economic dynamics/livelihoods
Ecology and ecotoxicology of contaminants of emerging concerns

Environmental ethics and social-ecological systems

Selected Conference Papers & Presentations 

Odume ON, de Wet C. 2016. The role of environmental ethics in social-ecological systems and water resource management. WRC Project No. K5/2342. Final Report to Water Research Commission.

De Wet C, Odume ON. Ethics and water resource management. Presented at the 2015 Water Research Commission Symposium and Water-Tech Summit on Research Development and Innovations in Johannesburg, South Africa, 16–18 September 2015

Odume ON, De Wet C. The role of environmental ethics in water resource management in the context of social-ecological systems. Presented at the 4th Southern African Young Water Professionals Conference in Pretoria, South Africa, 16–18 November 2015.

Odume ON, Palmer CG. What is “engaged research” – learning through case studies. Presented at the Rhodes University Community Engaged Learning Symposium in Grahamstown, South Africa, 4–6 May 2015.

Odume ON. Social-ecological innovation: integrated pathways to water justice and well-being. Presented at the Water Research Commission Ecosystems Research and Innovation Symposium in Hartbeespoort, South Africa, 17–18 February 2015.

Selected Publications 

Vellemu EC, Mensah PK, Griffin NJ, Odume ON, Palmer CG, Dowse R. 2017. Using a risk-based approach for derivation of water quality guidelines for sulphate. Mine Water Environ., pp. 1–8

Odume ON, Mgaba N. Statistical analysis of macroinvertebrate community assemblage structure in relation to river health assessment of an urban river, eastern cape, south africa. Aquat. Ecosyst. Heal. Manag.

Odume ON, Palmer CG, Arimoro FO, Mensah PK. 2016. Chironomid assemblage structure and morphological response to pollution in an effluent-impacted river, eastern cape, south africa. Ecol. Indic. 67:391–402

Odume ON, Palmer CG, Arimoro FO, Mensah PK. 2016. Chironomid assemblage structure and morphological response to pollution in an effluent-impacted river, Eastern Cape, South Africa. Ecol. Indic. 67:391–402

Arimoro FO, Odume ON, Uhunoma SI, Edegbene AO. 2015. Anthropogenic impact on water chemistry and benthic macroinvertebrate associated changes in a southern Nigeria stream. Environ. Monit. Assess. 187(2):1–14

Mensah PK, Palmer CG, Odume ON. 2015. Ecotoxicology of glyphosate and glyphosate-based herbicides—toxicity to wildlife and humans. In Toxicity and Hazard of Agrochemicals, ed Marcelo L. Larramendy, S Soloneski, pp. 93–112. Rijeka, Croatia: INTECH Open Access Publisher

Mensah PK, Mgaba N, Griffin N, Odume O, Palmer C. 2015. Generation of new ecotoxicity data for salts using indigenous south african freshwater macroinvertebrate: updating the national salt toxicity database. WRC Proj. No K8/1075, p.25. Water Research Commission, Pretoria

Arimoro FO, Odume ON, Meme FK. 2015. Environmental drivers of head capsule deformities in Chironomus spp.(Diptera: Chironomidae) in a stream in north central Nigeria. Zool. Ecol. 25(1):70–76

Odume ON, Palmer CG, Arimoro FO, Mensah PK. 2015. Influence of selected biotopes on chironomid-based bioassessment of the Swartkops River, Eastern Cape, South Africa. Water SA 41(3):343–58

Odume ON, Palmer CG, Arimoro FO, Mensah PK. 2014. Patterns of chironomid body-size distribution in an effluent-impacted river in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. African J. Aquat. Sci. 39(4):377–86

External Profile(s) 
Email Address(es) 
nelskaro@yahoo.com; n.odume@ru.ac.za
RISE Degree(s) Completed 
April 2014