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Davies Oladayo Folorunso

RISE Degree(s) 

PhD in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering from the Federal University of Technology, Akure (FUTA)

RISE Network(s) 

Senior Lecturer, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Department, Federal University of Technology, Akure (FUTA), Nigeria


Production of insulating firebricks from hydrometurgically-processed clay

Selected Publications 

Olaniran O, Olubambi PA, Adewuyi BO, Omotoyinbo JA, Afolabi AE, Folorunso DO, et. al. 2015. Development of oxide dispersion strengthened 2205 duplex stainless steel composite. Leonardo Electron. J. Pract. Technol. 26:129–40.

Folorunso DO, Aramide FO, Olubambi P, Borode JO. 2015. The effects of firing temperatures on the performance of insulating firebricks containing different proportions of alumina and sawdust. J. Miner. Mater. Charact. Eng. 3:309–317.

Folorunso DO, Aribo S, Olaniran O. 2015. Performance evaluation of insulating firebricks produced from hydrometallurgically purified termite hill clay reinforced with alumina. AJER 4(5):1–7.

Folorunso DO. 2015. The purification and adaptation of termite hill clay for furnace lining by graphite and rice husk addition. AJER 4(5):8–15.

Folorunso DO, Olubambi P, Borode JO. 2014. Characterization and qualitative analysis of some Nigerian clay deposits for refractory applications. IOSR J. Appl. Chem. 7:40–47.

Babalola BJ, Folorunso DO, Bodunrin MO, Balogun OP. 2014. Property evaluation of Igbara-Odo clay for refractories. IJETR 2(1):79–82.

Folorunso DO, Olubambi PO, Borode JO. 2012. Effect of alumina cement on the refractory properties of leached Ipetumodu clay. Leonardo Electron. J. Pract. Technol. 20:25–38.

Folorunso DO, Aribo S, Olubambi PO, Borode JO. 2012. Hydrometallurgical purification of some clay deposits for high temperature applications. J. Miner. Mater. Charact. Eng. 11(5):461–469.

Aribo S, Omotoyinbo JA, Folorunso DO. 2011. High temperature mechanical properties of silicon carbide particulate reinforced cast aluminum alloy composite. Leonardo Electron. J. Pract. Technol. 18:9–16.

Aramide FO, Aribo S, Folorunso DO. 2011. Optimizing the moulding properties of recycled Ilaro silica sand. Leonardo Electron. J. Pract. Technol. 19:93–102.

Aribo S, Alaneme KK, Folorunso DO, Aramide FO. 2010. Effect of precipitation hardening on hardness and microstructure of austenitic manganese steel. J. Miner. Mater. Charact. Eng. 9(2):157–164.

Aramide FO, Oladele IO, Folorunso DO. 2009. Evaluation of the effect of fiber volume fraction on the mechanical properties of a polymer matrix composite. Leonardo Electron. J. Pract. Technol. 14:134–141.

Aribo S, Folorunso DO, Olaniran O, Oladele IO. 2009. Optimization the green compression strength and permeability of green sand made from Epe silica sand. Int. J. Sci. Technol. 11:101–26.

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February 2013