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Faith Mabiki

RISE Degree(s) 

PhD in Natural Products Chemistry from Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA)

RISE Network(s) 

Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Science, Department of Physical Sciences at Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA), Tanzania


Utilization and commercialization of natural products: phytochemical, bioactivity, and formulation studies of their pure and crude compounds

Linking traditional and scientific technologies in Tanzania

Selected Publications 

Mbunde MVN, Innocent E, Mabiki F, Andersson PG. 2017. Ethnobotanical survey and toxicity evaluation of medicinal plants used for fungal remedy in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania. J. Intercult. Ethnopharmacol. 6(1):84–96

Nyigo VA, Mdegela RH, Malebo HM, Mabiki FP, Fouche G. 2016. Evaluation of acaricidal efficacy of Synadenium glaucescens (Euphorbiaceae) against boophilus species. J. Med. Plants Res. 10(21):278–85.

Nyigo VA, Peter X, Mabiki F, Malebo HM, Mdegela RH, Fouche G. 2016. Isolation and identification of euphol and β-sitosterol from the dichloromethane extracts of Synadenium glaucescensJ. Phytopharmacol. 5(3):100104.

Mgonja F, Mosha R, Mabiki F, Choongo K. 2016. A simple and sensitive method for the detection of "Oxytetracycine" levels in ready-to-eat beef by liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry. African J. Pharm. Pharmacol. 10(28):571–78.

Nyigo VA, Mdegela R, Mabiki F, Malebo HM. 2015. Assessment of dermal irritation and acute toxicity potential of extracts from Synadenium glaucescens on healthy rabbits, wistar albino rats and albino mice. European J. Med. Plants. 10(4):1–11.

Kimera ZI, Mdegela RH, Mhaiki CJN, Karimuribo ED, Mabiki F, et al. 2015. Determination of oxytetracycline residues in cattle meat marketed in the Kilosa District, Tanzania. Onderstepoort J Vet Res. 82(1):1–5.

Polder A, Müller MB, Lyche JL, Mdegela RH, Nonga HE, Mabiki FP et al. 2014. Levels and patterns of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) in tilapia (Oreochromis sp.) from four different lakes in Tanzania: Geographical differences and implications for human health. Sci. Total Environ. 488:252–60​.

Mdegela RH, Mabiki F, Msigala S, Mwesongo J, Mhina MP, et al. 2014. Detection and quantification of oestrogenic endocrine disruptors in water in Mwanza Gulf in the Lake Victoria Basin, Tanzania. Huria J. Open Univ. Tanzania. 16:140–53.

Mabiki FP, Mdegela RH, Mosha RD, Magadula JJ. 2013. Antiviral activity of crude extracts of Synadenium glaucescens (Pax) against infectious bursal disease and fowlpox virus. J. Med. Plants Res. 7:871–76.

Mabiki FP, Mdegela RH, Mosha RD, Magadula JJ. 2013. In ovo antiviral activity of Synadenium glaucescens (Pax) crude extracts on Newcastle disease virus. J. Med. Plants Res. 7(14):863–70.

Mabiki FP, Magadula JJ, Mdegela RH, Mosha RD. 2013. Optimization of extraction conditions and phytochemical screening of root extract of Synadenium glaucescens Pax. Int. J. Chem. 5(4):103–112.

Nonga HE, Mdegela RH, Macha E, Mabiki F. 2013. Screening of Commiphora schimperi (O. Berg) from Iramba District in Tanzania for antibacterial activities. Tanzania Vet. J. 28(1):60–65.

Mkoma SL, Kimambo ON, Mabiki FP, Tungaraza CT. 2012. Dependence of air quality on meteorological parameters in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. TaJONAS Tanzania J. Nat. Appl. Sci. 1(2):148–56.

Mkoma SL, Mabiki FP. 2012. Jatropha as energy potential biofuel in Tanzania. Int. J. Environ. Sci. 2(3):1553–64.

Mkoma SL, Mabiki FP. 2011. Theoretical and Practical Evaluation of Jatropha as Energy Source Biofuel in Tanzania. In Economic Effects of Biofuel Production, ed MA Dos Santos Bernardes, pp. 181–200. INTECH Open Access Publisher.

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November 2013