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Fialho P. J. Nehama

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PhD in Physical Oceanography from the University of Cape Town

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Professor Auxiliar em Oceanografia; Director, Escola Superior de Ciências Marinhas e Costeiras, Universidade Eduardo Mondlane

Assistant Professor and Director of the School of Marine and Coastal SciencesEduardo Mondlane University, Mozambique


Dynamics of Zambezi River Plume: the nearshore circulation caused by river discharges and its effects on the ecosystem (abstr.)

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Involved in USAID-CCAP: Coastal Cities Adaptation Project (Projecto de Adaptação das Cidades Costeiras ás Mudanças Climáticas) at UEM. This project aims to improve the local capacity to plan for and adapt to the effects of climate change, such as floods, droughts, cyclones, among other natural disasters. The project will be carried out over five years (2013-2018) in partnership with the Municipalities of Pemba and Quelimane, the National Institute for Disaster Management (INGC), local universities (such as Eduardo Mondlane), civil society organizations, and other partners. Read more here.

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© 2015 Projecto CCAP
© 2015 Projecto CCAP
Dr. Fiahlo Nehama helps UEM students build an instrument to monitor water quality in a mangrove reforested area in Quelimane, Mozambique.
© 2015 Projecto CCAP

The CCAP team in Quelimane.

Selected Publications 

Miguel LLAJ, Nehama FPJ, Castro JWA. 2017. A mecânica do transporte de sedimentos em suspensão no estuário do Rio Macuse, Moçambique, Africa Oriental. Rev. Bras. Geomorfol. 18(1):107–23

Nehama FPJ, Matavel AJ, Hoguane AM, Menomussanga M, Hoguane CAM, et al. 2016. Building community resilience and strengthening local capacities for disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation in Zongoene (Xai-Xai District), Gaza Province. In Climate Change and Health, pp. 369–85. Springer

Chevane CM, Penven P, Nehama FPJ, Reason CJC. 2016. Modelling the tides and their impacts on the vertical stratification over the Sofala Bank, Mozambique. African J. Mar. Sci. 38(4):465–79

Nehama FPJ, Reason CJC. 2015. Modelling the Zambezi River plume. Afr. J. Mar. Sci. 37(4):593–604

Nehama FPJ, Lemos MA, Machaieie HA. 2015. Water mass characteristics in a shallow bank highly influenced by river discharges: the Sofala Bank in Mozambique. J. Integr. Coast. Zo. Manag. 15(4):523–32

Nehama FPJ, Reason CJC. 2014. Morphology of the Zambezi River plume in the Sofala Bank, Mozambique. WIO J. Mar. Sci. 13(1):1–10

Halo I, Backeberg B, Brito A, Collins C, Cossa O, et al. 2013. JEAI-MOCAs: A Multi-institutional initiative to build marine research capacity in Mozambique. S. Afr. J. Sci. 109(7–8):1–2

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December 2012