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Gaolathe Tsheboeng

RISE Degree(s) 

MPhil in Natural Resource Management from the Okavango Research Institute (ORI), University of Botswana

RISE Network(s) 

Pursuing a PhD at ORI sponsored by The Future Okavango (TFO) project. His PhD work focuses on the ecology of riparian vegetation communities in the Okavango Delta, which involves the classification and description of vegetation communities and the analysis of population structure of riparian tree species.

Selected Publications 

Tsheboeng G, Bonyongo M, Murray-Hudson M. "Flood variation and soil nutrient content in floodplain vegetation communities in the Okavango Delta." S Afr J Sci. 2014;110(3/4), Art. #2013-0168, 5 pages. http://dx.doi.org/10.1590/sajs.2014/20130168

RISE Degree(s) Completed 
October 2013