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Patrick Engeu Ogwang

RISE Degree(s) 

PhD in Pharmacy and Pharmacology from Makerere University

RISE Network(s) 

Senior Lecturer in Pharmacy in the Faculty of Medicine at Mbarara University of Science & Technology in Uganda

Research Officer at the Natural Chemotherapeutics Research Institute, Ministry of Health, Uganda

A news clip on a24Media highlights the research work being done by RISE-AFNNET's Patrick Ogwang and his colleagues here. Patrick led an evaluation mission to Kenya to examine the results of a school program implemented by Kenyatta University to protect schoolchildren and prisoners against malaria and other infectious diseases with natural extracts from Artemisia annua planted by the children and prisoners. The mission took place from January 13-25, 2014.
Patrick continues to meet with international visitors interested in his research on the usage of Artemisia annua tea to prevent malaria in communities and households. Last month he met with journalists from Austria, Katharina and Salisu, who wanted to learn more about his work.  They are preparing to make a film about malaria based on a book called The Fever by Sonia Shah.
Special Accomplishments 

Dr. Ogwang is the Principal Investigator of the roughly USD 6-million-dollar World Bank Africa Center of Excellence at Mbarara University of Science & Technology. Read more here.

He received an award from the Ugandan Ministry of Health at its 20th Joint Review Mission on Wednesday, October 22, 2014 (photograph above) for outstanding achievement in research on the herbal prevention of malaria.

Selected Publications 

Bamuwamye M, Ogwok P, Tumuhairwe V, Eragu R, Nakisozi H, Ogwang PE. 2017. Human health risk assessment of heavy metals in Kampala (Uganda) drinking water. J. Food Res. 6(4):6

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Lutoti S, Anyama NG, Iberet J, Bamuwamye M, Kwiringira W, Aber J, Nambejja C, Agwaya M, Okia C, Nambatya GK, Ogwang PE, Onegi B. 2014. Evaluation of anti-theilerial Activity of a lipophilic root bark extract of Stereospermum kunthianum against Theileria parva. IJETST 1(4):499-508

Akkawi M, Jaber S, Abu-Remeleh Q, Ogwang PE, Lutgen P. 2014. Investigations of Artemisia annua and Artemisia sieberi Water Extracts Inhibitory Effects on β-Hematin Formation. Med Aromat Plants 3(1) doi: 10.4172/2167- 0412.1000150

Kyakulaga AH, Ogwang PE, Obua C, Nakabonge G, Mwavu EN. 2013. Immunomodulatory Effects of Aqueous Extracts of Auricularia sp and Pleurotus sp Mushrooms in CyclophosphamideImmunosuppressed Wistar Rats. BJPR 3(4):662-670

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Ogwang PE, Ogwal JO, Kasasa S, Olila D, Ejobi F, Kabasa D, Obua C. 2012. Artemisia annua L. Infusion Consumed Once a Week Reduces Risk of Multiple Episodes of Malaria: A Randomised Trial in a Ugandan Community. Trop J Pharm Res 11(3):445-453

Ogwang PE, Nyafuono J, Agwaya M, Omujal F, Tumusiime HR, Kyakulaga AH. 2011. Preclinical efficacy and safety of herbal formulation for management of wounds. Afr Health Sci 11(3):524-529

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January 2014