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Thabiso Mohobane

RISE Degree(s) 

PhD in Hydrology from the Institute for Water Research (IWR), Rhodes University

RISE Network(s) 

Principal Hydrologist, Department of Water Affairs, Lesotho


Before joining RISE, Dr. Mohobane earned his MSc at University of Waikato, New Zealand. His MSc thesis can be found here.

Dr. Mohobane's PhD research dealt with investigating the impacts of climate change on the water resources of the Caledon River Basin, which is shared by South Africa and Lesotho. In his PhD study he used the rainfall and temperature outputs from a set of nine climate models and two hydrological models.

In his current role at the Department of Water Affairs in his home country of Lesotho, he is working on improving the national hydrometric network.

He would appreciate the involvement of research collaborators, and encourages likeminded researchers to contact him via email.

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RISE Degree(s) Completed 
April 2015