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Vitus Nyigo

RISE Degree(s) 

PhD in Natural Products Pharmacology and Value Addition from Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA)

RISE Network(s) 

Senior Researcher and Instructor, National Institute for Medical Research (NIMR), Tanzania


Toxicological, pharmacological, and phytochemical investigations and development of medicinal and insecticidal natural products from Synadenium glaucenscens

Selected Publications 

Nyigo VA, Mdegela RH, Malebo HM, Mabiki FP, Fouche G. 2016. Evaluation of acaricidal efficacy of Synadenium glaucescens (Euphorbiaceae) against boophilus species. J. Med. Plants Res. 10(21):278–85

Nyigo VA, Peter X, Mabiki F, Malebo HM, Mdegela RH, Fouche G. 2016. Isolation and identification of euphol and β-sitosterol from the dichloromethane extracts of Synadenium glaucescensJ. Phytopharmacol. 5(3):100104

Nyigo VA, Mdegela R, Mabiki F, Malebo HM. 2015. Assessment of dermal irritation and acute toxicity potential of extracts from Synadenium glaucescens on healthy rabbits, wistar albino rats and albino mice. European J. Med. Plants. 10(4):1–11

Kilale AM, Kimaro GD, Lema YL, Nyigo VA, Manumbu RN, et al. 2015. Availability of HIV/AIDS community intervention programmes and quality of services in and around selected mining sites in Tanzania. Tanzan. J. Health Res. 17(2):1–8

Malebo HM, Wiketye V, Katani SJ, Kitufe NA, Nyigo VA, et al. 2015. In vivo antiplasmodial and toxicological effect of Maytenus senegalensis traditionally used in the treatment of malaria in Tanzania. Malar. J. 14(1):79

Nyigo V, Kilale A, Kilima S, Shayo EH, Senkoro KP, et al. 2014. Magnitude of HIV infection among older people in Mufindi and Babati Districts of the Tanzania mainland. HIV/AIDS Res. Palliat. Care 6:75–9

Malebo HM, Imeda C, Kitufe NA, Katani SJ, Sunguruma R, Magogo F, Tungu P, Nyigo VA, et al. 2013. Repellence effectiveness of essential oils from some Tanzanian Ocimum and Hyptis plant species against afro-tropical vectors of malaria and lymphatic filariasis. J. Med. Plants Res. 7(11):653–60

Mhame PP, Nyigo VA, Mbogo GP, Wiketye VE, Kimaro G, et al. 2005. The determination of safety of Muhanse M4®, a traditional herbal preparation used to treat HIV/AIDS-related conditions and diseases in Tanzania. Tanzan. J. Health Res. 7(3):168–73

Nyigo VA, Malebo HM. 2005. Drug discovery and developments in developing countries: bottlenecks and way forward. Tanzan. J. Health Res. 7(3):154–58

Mdachi SJM, Nkunya MHH, Nyigo VA, Urasa IT. 2004. Amino acid composition of some Tanzanian wild mushrooms. Food Chem. 86(2):179–82

Mhame PP, Nyigo VA, Mbogo GP, Wiketye VE, Kimaro G, et al. 2004. The management of HIV/AIDS-related conditions using a traditional herbal preparation — Muhanse M4® — in Tanzania: A case study in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Natl. Inst. Med. Res.

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November 2017