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PASMAT Workshop 2011

AUST-AMSEN Pan-African School of Materials (PASMAT)
Abuja, Nigeria, September 2011

Press Coverage
AllAfrica: Stuff is Cool, If You're a Materials Scientist
Research Africa: Engineers Get to Grips With Materials Science

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Wole Soboyejo & Jing Du

Course Introduction: Fatigue and Fracture of Materials
Lecture 1: Introduction to Mechanical Properties
Lecture 2: Introduction to Elastic Behavior
Lecture 3: Applications of Finite Element Method
Lectures 3 and 6: Finite Element Introduction
Lecture 4: Introduction to Plasticity
Lecture 5: Fracture and Toughening of Materials
Lecture 7: Fundamentals of Fracture Mechanics
Lecture 8: Fundamentals of Fracture Mechanics, continued
Lecture 9: Fatigue of Materials
Lecture 10: Frontiers of Fracture Mechanics
Lecture 11: Adhesion and Interfacial Fracture in Drug Eluting Stents
Abaqus Tutorial

From left to right: Rodney M. Genga, Desmond E. Fiawoyife, Jamiu, Adenike Olaseinde, Benard Odera, Jing Du

Lesley Cornish

Binary Phase Diagrams - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
Coring and Segregation
Applications of Phase Diagrams and Interpretation of Microstructures
Ternary Phase Diagrams

Ternary Notes 1
Ternary Notes 2
Ternary Notes 3
Teaching Al-Ni-Re paper: Data collection for the calculation of phase equilibria

L-R: Efe Enaworu, Uche Opara, Rodney M. Genga, Taiwo Oguntebi, Desmond E. Fiawoyife and Jonas S. Bugase

Wole Soboyejo


Lecture 1: Introduction to Bioengineering and Biomedical Devices
Lecture 2: Cell Surface Interactions
Lecture 3: Recent Advances inTissue Engineering
Lecture 4: Structure and Mechanical Properties of Materials
Lecture 5: BioMEMS and Nanoparticles for the Detection and Treatment of Cancer

L-R: Rodney M. Genga, Jonas S. Bugase, Ledjit Tanro, Desmond E. Fiawoyife, Uche Opara, Taiwo Oguntebi and Efe Enaworu

Yusuf Oni


Introduction: An Implantable Biomedical Device for Cancer Drug Release and Hyperthermia
Lab Work AUST

L-R: Desmond E. Fiawoyife, Prof. L.A Cornish, Prof. W.W. Soboyejo, Rodney M. Genga, Ayodeji Apata and Bernard Odera

Nicolas Anuku and O.S. Odusanya

Emerging Fields of Nanotechnology
Biosynthesis lab session
Biosynthesis and Chemical Synthesis of NPs

Left to right: Desmond E. Fiawoyife, Ledjit Tanro, Rodney M. Genga, Emmanuel K. Arthur, Godwin E. Larry and Edward K. Ampaw

Zebaze Kana and Wole Soboyejo

Frontiers in Organic Electronics
Introduction to Organic Solar Cell Devices & Electrical Characterization